Beautiful photo exhibit on aging

BWelderphotoEight-year-old Mykeal Kronebusch and 89-year-old Lillian Sjogren laugh during a session of Play-Doh snake-making and pretend attacks. They are part of the Adopt-A-Grandparent program at Hampton House Retirement Residence in Chilliwack, B.C


A recent exhibit of black and white photos on aging at 2 Bloor west in Toronto has been taken down, but most of it is available online.

If you click on a specific photo, it will not only enlarge, you’ll get the caption, which adds a lot of meaning to the image.

What is missing is one section of the exhibition in which the photos were not by professionals, but by students from the Conference of Independent Schools. Many of them had photographed their own family elders.

Thanks to Avivah Wargon for passing this on.

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