How to save money on home insurance

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Nobody likes paying for home insurance. It seems like just another bill every month that means you have less money to spend on something else. However, people who have had a break in or a fire and promptly received a cheque in the mail are very relieved they kept up their payments.

But that doesn’t mean you have to overpay to get adequate coverage. Recently the website published a list of ways to reduce your home insurance rates, some of which were new to me. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Bundling: You will save money if you have your home and car insurance with the same carrier.
  2. Annual vs. monthly: If you pay the whole bill once a year you will pay less because processing a single payment saves insurers administration costs.
  3. Group policies: Alumni from some universities, professional associations, employers and unions may offer members of the group discounted policies. My husband is a professional engineer and we have had group coverage with TD Meloche Monnex since we bought our first home 38 years ago.
  4. Credit score: Your good credit can score you a lower premium. This is because most companies use your credit score when calculating your insurance.
  5. Contents insurance: Check to see if the standard insurance for contents is too high or too low. If all you own is a laptop and IKEA furniture you don’t need to insure your belongings up to $250,000.
  6. Deductible: If you raise your deductible, your insurance premiums will go down.
  7. Heating: Insurers like forced-air or gas furnaces. Keep this in mind when you are house-hunting. Insuring an oil-heated house may be more expensive.
  8. Safe neighbourhood: Some neighbourhoods are viewed as less safe than others and therefore home insurance premiums are higher. Check before you buy.
  9. Discounts: You may qualify for a whole range of discounts offered by some insurance companies. For example:
  • Claims-free discount
  • Fire alarm discount
  • Increased deductible discount
  • Intrusion alarm discount
  • Loyalty discount
  • Mortgage-free discount
  • New home discount
  • Senior citizen discount
  • 24-hour Video Surveillance insurance discount in an apartment or condo building
  • Non-smoker discount
  • Welcome discount
  • Loyalty discount
  • Stability discount (If you’ve been living at the same location for years.)


Perhaps the most important thing is to review your coverage annually to ensure you are neither over-insured or under-insured and that you have been credited with all the potential discounts you may be eligible for. Insurance companies want to keep your business, and if you get a lower quote from another carrier, your current insurer may be able to offer you a more cost-effective arrangement.





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