Media scan: Week of December 15


This week I wrote 12 Online Scams: How to avoid unwrapping an online threat (Parts 1 and 2). The Dreaded B word: Budgeting was posted on I was also very honoured to be named as a Brighter Life (Sun Life) favourite working life writer of 2014 .

Here are some of the interesting blogs and articles I read.

If you are still not finished shopping, Jeremy Biberdorf on Modest Money suggests Meaningful Gifts on a Holiday Budget. He says when in doubt, go with something homemade or better still, give a gift to someone in need.

Dear Grace: The three secrets of Christmas is a tender love letter from Kevin Press on Brighter Life to his daughter Grace. He tells her to be grateful, to be generous and like her mother, to be the one who brings people together.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog’s Allan Whitton believes Financial New Year Resolutions, Start Now ! He says don’t wait until 1/1/15 to give more to charities and top up both your child’s RESP and your RRSP.

In Financial Independence: Why I Pushed It Back Five Years Boomer + Echo’s Robb Engen reports he is still on track to reach a net worth of $1 million by the time he turns 41, but financial independence will have to wait a few more years.

In honour of her 40th birthday, Retire Happy blogger Sarah Milton shared 40 Lessons About Money and Life. Two of my favourites:

  • When a credit card company pre-approves you for $2000, it is not giving you $2000: it’s handing you a shovel and inviting you to dig a hole.
  • Credit card rewards are only worthwhile if you don’t carry a balance.


And in If you can’t take the pain of plunging markets, don’t watch on the Financial Independence Hub, Jon Chevreau says except maybe in 2008, when it seemed financial Armageddon was genuinely possible, panic seldom serves the investor well in the long run.

Guy Dixon at the Globe + Mail presents an interesting case study in Quit cold turkey or phase into retirement?

Firms are worrying about employees’ retirement readiness according to a Towers Watson Survey cited by Benefits Canada.

Who’s in and who’s out of Ontario’s pension plan by Adam Mayers at the Toronto Star says the Liberals want to include most of us in the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan excluding only those who have defined benefit plans. How will companies who sponsor defined contribution plans or Group RRSPs will feel about that suggestion?

According to University of Ottawa Law Professor Vern Krishna writing in the Financial Post, Income splitting is fair, taxes should be based on the family unit and not individuals, and hHarper’s new proposal did not go far enough.

Finally, for those of you planning to roam the world when you retire, take a look at Boldly Go: Planning A Retirement Trip That Will Put Snowbirds To Shame in the Huffington Post. How about Montserrat or Easter Island?






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