Media scan: Week of February 16th


This week I posted Should seniors be able to sell their life insurance and Majority of retirees enjoy their lifestyle on How much of your savings can you tax shelter? appeared on

Here are some of the interesting blogs and articles I read:

Ways to Save Money: How to Save Money Each Month is by Tom Drake on the Canadian Personal Finance blog. He recommends that you start by reviewing your usual spending and figure out how you can cut your utilities, cable and cell phone bills,

Dan Wesley on Our Big Fat Wallet discusses Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid What many people don’t realize says Dan is that delegating someone to make financial decisions for you in the event you can’t doesn’t mean you automatically lose that ability.

Why You Should Think Twice About Pre-Authorized Payment by Sean Cooper is a bit of an eye opener. He says there are all sorts of horror stories about customers taking advantage of POP being overcharged including many complaints about Bell.

Currency fluctuations and investing: What are the effects? by Preet Banerjee on Tangerine’s Forward Thinking explores how the value of your investments are impacted by currency swings. For example, the recent drop in the value of the loonie has resulted in a lift for investors who have U.S. securities in their portfolios.

On When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka, Aaron reports on the website He says Vayable should Be Your Latest Side Hustle Before You Travel because you can get personalized tours of your planned travel destination for a fraction of the cost you would pay the typical guides that lead tourists around holding up coloured lollipop signs.

With plummeting interest rates, the Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick says GICs are now preferable to government bonds. Alternative banks and trust companies that are members of Canada Deposit Insurance Corp. are offering as much as 1.9% to 2.6% (that latter rate was offered by Oaken Financial, a division of Home Trust, and it showed up on

More Canadians expect to work full-time at age 66 by  Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew  in the Toronto Star reports that nearly one-third, or 32 per cent, of Canadians surveyed said they expect to work full-time at 66. That compares to 27 per cent who plan to leave the workforce by that age.according to a new survey from Sun Life Financial.


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