Media scan: Week of February 2nd


This week on I wrote Fired 55-year old man gets $346,000 after three years and Why my financial planner is a great investment. How much will I get from CPP? was posted  on On MoneySense my friend Jonathan Chevreau talked about my “unretirement” in Maybe You Just Think You want To Retire.

Here are some interesting articles and blogs I read:

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Just because you are getting older doesn’t always mean you should sell your house and move to a condo or a retirement home. In When hold­ing on to the home makes sense Gail Johnson at the Globe + Mail profiles a couple married 40 years and in their 80s who are still living in the family home.

I wrote about my positive experience with a financial advisor this week. this week. On Money We Have, Barry Choi discusses How You Too Can Find A Good Financial Advisor. Remember titles don’t mean anything and understand how your advisor is getting paid. A letter of direction for your executor and organized documents will help.

Nobody want to think about dying, but when you do you you will be doing your heirs a great favour if you leave your affairs in order. Marie Engen on Boomer + Echo suggests 5 Ways To Prepare Your Executor Before You Die.

On  the Financial Independence Hub, Chicage Financial Planner Roger Wohlner offers 10 Planning Steps to Take Within 10 Years of Retirement. Determine if you are on track towards your desired retirement lifestyle and if you see a shortfall he says this is the time to make adjustments.

 How can our country’s retirement savings provide greater security and coverage to more Canadians, while ensuring pension plans stay financially healthy into the future?  This is what Canada’s Public Policy Forum seeks to answer with their new report, Retirement Security for Everyone developed  in partnership with Sun Life Financial and Morneau Shepelll.

Those of you who hope to make a case for phased retirement will be interested in 12 weeks off, 3-day weeks: Flexible retirement at West Michigan businesses sets trends. Jake Boeve, participated Herman Miller’s flex-retirement program. It allowed him to reduce his work week to three days a week over two years. In return, he trained Shaun Betzelberger who became his replacement.

Here’s the key to a happy retirement  says Kim Peterson on CBS MoneyWatch. This may surprise no one: If you retire with a decent amount of wealth, you’ll be happier for it. That’s one finding of a new survey that interviewed 1,000 newly retired baby boomers with at least $100,000 in investable assets.

Stefania Di Verdi writes in MoneySense about How Wynnes’ ORPP will change your retirement savings habits. She says if Ontario implements its new provincial pension plan, many residents won’t have to save a cent for retirement.

And finally, Melissa Leong at the Financail Post notes ‘We’re not prepared’: Health care shockers threaten your retirement. She cites a BMO Wealth Institute  survey that found tCanadians expect to spend an average of $5,391 in out-of-pocket medical expenses every year after the age of 65.


  1. If I had that data, would I do anything with it? I know I would, but would insurance companies? Thanks for the inclusion this week with such prestigious other writers.

    • My pleasure. Reading and writing about personal finance is as much a hobby as a vocation for me. Keep warm.

  2. Thanks for the mention Sheryl. As Alan has stated, we’re in good company with this list.

    • And I am in good company as well. Have a great weekend.

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