Media scan: Week of February 9th

mediascanpicThis week I wrote 6 good financial decisions we made and Diamonds are a girl’s best friend on SPP Flourishing, says General Manager Katherine Strutt appeared on and What’s the RRSP Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)? was posted on Brighter Life. Last but not least, my first article How to finance an engagement ring popped up on the Tangerine Bank’s blogging site Forward Thinking.

Michael James on Money joins the debate on what income level is safe in retirement.  He says people seek reasons to believe that they can exceed the well-known 4% rule when the reality is that this rule is overly optimistic because it is based on zero investment fees. In truth, James believes a 3% rule is closer to the mark for a long retirement.

Young & Thrifty has posted a review of the MoneySense Guide to Retiring Wealthy. Kyle Prevost liked that the book was divided into decades, i.e. 20s, 30s, 40s etc. He also appreciated the case studies and the explanations of annuities piqued his interest.

Are you ready for The Big Shift? Jonathan Chevreau on the Financial Independence hub says this book by Marc Freedman crystallizes much of the content published on the Hub. Freedman’s thesis is that an entirely new stage is emerging between Midlife and Old Age, which used to coincide with what was called Retirement.

Do You Want to Try for 122? Sydney Lagier at Retirement: a full-time job retired at age 44. She writes about a class she is taking at Stanford University from an 84-year old professor. She says, “The class isn’t just about living a long life, but living a life that’s worth living for as long as you possibly can.”

Whether you like it or not, your Health will likely be the biggest factor impacting your retirement according to Donna McCaw on Retire Happy. She outlines challenges that both individuals and governments face in keeping older people healthy and proposes some solutions.

Unlocking Funds From a LIRA Due to Financial Hardship by Marie Engen explains how you can meet the eligibility requirements to liberate money in your locked in retirement accounts.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Bill to revoke politicians’ pensions passed in the House of Commons that would apply to future occasions when an MP or senator is convicted of crimes such as bribery or fraud. But it strikes me as exceedingly weird that politicians convicted of murder or distributing child pornography would  be exempt from the new rules.

Canadians in their Golden Years are Striving for ‘Freetirement’ reports TD. A recent TD survey found that more than a third of people aged 18-64 want to work part-time or casually at something they love after they retire, one in five wants to volunteer and one in 10 wants to start a small business. The survey also found that the most popular ways to finance these ‘freetirement’ dreams are with RRSPs, general savings, pensions, and investments.

Consider all the doom and gloom about the savings habits of Canadians we hear about during RRSP season, I was pleased to read that Majority of Canadians are saving enough for retirement, survey says by Janet McFarland at The Globe and Mail. Her comments are based on a new study from McKinsey and Co.

And for those of you who still have your noses to the grindstone, I agree with Beth Kuhel at the Huffington Post. She says To Increase Productivity: Work Less, Get Happy



  1. Thanks for mentioning my mom’s post about unlocking funds from a LIRA. Have a great weekend, Sheryl!

    • My pleasure. There is always something interesting on your blogs.

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