Media Scan: Week of January 12



This week I wrote How I got an unexpected pension windfall and Saskatchewan author Gail Bowen releases new book at age 72. My interview and podcast Gail Vaz-Oxlade: Achieve financial literacy on and Flipp app is the easy way to browse flyers were posted on

Her are some of the great blogs and articles I read.

Brighter Life has named their favourite health writers of 2014. You can see the list here..

Do you ever wonder when you should toss out food items without an expiry date? Marie Engen’s great blog  Expiry Dates: How Long Do Products Last?  on Boomer and Echo has the answers you are looking for.

On Forward Thinking Preet Bannerjee explains the TFSA and RRSP contribution limits.  This is important information if you want max out your plans but avoid penalties and fines for over-contribution.

Krystal Yee shares her financial goals for 2015 on Givemebackmyfivebucks. She plans to stay debt-free (aside from her mortgage), save at least $800/month in her RRSP/TFSA and stay on budget every month.

I love this blog about the Two Sentence Financial Horror Stories contest on Canadian Personal Finance Blog. Wayne Stuart was a contest winner for,”It was late in 2007, I had just been retired, the decision was to keep my pension plan or get paid out. Adviser said ‘we can beat those returns”’ yah right!”

Nine must-have (and free) financial apps for 2015 by Melissa Leong at the National Post. Great reading if you want to budget using your phone, get organized, set goals or find a better way to clip coupons.

Profound insight from Jon Chevreau in Retirement planning would be so much easier if we knew when we’re going to die on the Financial Independence Hub. It’s always a balance between enjoying life now and having enough for later.

Could You Benefit from Questrade’s Portfolio IQ? by Tom Drake on the Canadian Finance Blog explains how Canadians can open an account that will be managed by investment professionals at a low cost.

How a back-to-back annuity can boost cash flow in retirementl by Diane Malley at the Globe + Mail is a fascinating piece on how you can both have an annuity income and protect your future estate if you purchase life insurance at the same time..

And finally, Boldly Go: Planning A Retirement Trip That Will Put Snowbirds To Shame is a sponsored article in the Huffington Post  but it has 7 great ideas for off-the-beaten-track retirement trips. Iceland, Buenos Aries or Easter Island anyone?


  1. Thanks for the inclusion this week. The two line horror story had many scary tales of financial ruin.

    • The “cashing in your pension” story has always been one of mt favourites as an ex-pension lawyer. I treasure my DB pension and say a mental thank-you every time month when it is deposited.

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