Media Scan: Week of January 5, 2015


I didn’t do a media scan last week so there are many interesting stories to report on. Since the week of December 22nd, I have posted on

The pros and cons of condo ownership

My 2015 New Year’s resolutions

Ontario Retirement Pension Plan: Who will get to participate?

6 ways to unlock home equity at retirement

Another Look At Life Annuities (Part 2) appeared on and my latest “Working it Out” column New Year’s resolutions for your employee benefits was released on Brighter Life.

Here are some of the interesting blogs and articles I have read:

Jane Canapini says Necessity was the Mother of Her Re-invention when she became a travel writer. After 24 years as a Creative Director in advertising, she was let go from the agency where she worked for over 10 years.

Tired of your job but you need the money? Jonathan Chevreau cites a LinkedIn article 10 reasons to quit your job in 2015 on the Financial Independence Hub. Reasons that resonate with me are: do what you love; work from anywhere; and, be more flexible.

Jim Yih from offers the following five suggestions to implement your financial goals in the New Year. Find focus and simplicity; change your lifestyle; just do it; take responsibility; and, stay disciplined.

Financial Jargon Overload by Alan Whitton (Big Cajun) suggests financial writers should not assume a more sophisticated readership or just “show off” by using unnecessary big words or phrases. He vows to reform and use less jargon in 2015.

According to Blonde on a Budget’s Cait Flanders It Costs Nothing to Be a Better Person. She has resolved to start by being better to herself:, be positive, be kind, forgive her own mistakes and push herself to reach stretch goals.

In a guest post on, the author writes about How to Cycle To Work And Save $10K A Year. While his calculations appear to be sound, with-15 degrees or colder temperatures this week, my guess is that even avid cyclists are hitching a ride to work.

If you took a road trip over the holidays, falling gas prices meant you definitely had more money to spend on other things. The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick says you shouldn’t let those savings slip though your fingers and offers Five ways to use your gas savings wisely.

Four things that will affect your personal finances in 2015 are whether the TFSA contribution limits are doubled; if the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan moves ahead; inflation rates; and, whether or not the housing bubble bursts.

Mutual fund fee reform could be coming sooner than you think. Canadian regulators will be armed with new research in early 2015 that investor advocates hope will finally prompt a clampdown on the use of embedded commissions on mutual fund sales, reports Barbara Shecter at the National Post.

And finally, in The Canadian Housing Bubble: It’s Not All About The House lawyer Vanessa Routley explains in Huffington Post Canada that unlike in some parts of the the U.S., if your house value falls below the value of your mortgage you can’t wipe the slate clean by simply walking away from the house. The bank can come after all your other assets to pay the balance owing.







  1. I will try to write with less jargon, maybe I need to create a Wiki or glossary on my site, thanks for the inclusion.

    • Why bother? We can always google acronyms :)

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