Media scan: Week of March 9th


I enjoyed our two week break from winter weather and from writing but now it’s back to spring weather (for as long as it lasts) and back to business.

This week I wrote A Tale of Two Retirees and Cutting of WSIB payments at age 65 not a Charter violation for RetirementRedux. Author Gail Bowen: A Saskatchewan Success Story appeared on and Employee benefits: Taxable or not? was posted on Brighter Life.

Here are some great blogs and articles I read:

On Give me back my five bucks Krystal Yee explains why she files her own taxes. It takes more time but it saves her money. It also forces her to be organized and helps her to better understand her finances.

Michael James on Money recently discussed The Elephant in the Room with Annuities. An annuity will provide you with an income for life but unless you buy a more expensive indexed annuity, it will lose its purchasing power over the years.

Guest blogger Chantal Marr on the Financial Independence Hub writes about What Your Life Insurance Broker May Not Be Telling You. She says most Canadians aren’t even aware of insurance kickbacks for brokers; and if they are, they don’t fully understand what they are, or where and when they take place.

There has been lots of press lately on how coffee machines that require re-usable k cups are an environmental disaster and make your cup of java much more expensive. In Canadian Dream: Free at 45, Tim Stobbs gives the skinny on how you can make an affordable cup of coffee from a K-cup by buying a re-usable K-cup, even for the newer machines.

And for those of you struggling with whether or not to pack it in, Retired Syd on Retirement A Full-Time Job asks Does Retirement Secretly Suck? She reports that she is happier since she retired than when she was working and cites research that shows she is not alone.

As a result of the death of Thomas Stanley author of the surprise best-seller The Millionaire Next Door, Adam Mayers at the Toronto Star revisits his main maxim: The wealthy know that the key to financial independence is spending less than you make and putting the difference into savings and investments. They also have a plan and are patient investors, taking risks based on research and careful analysis rather than impulse or second hand advice.

In Carrick’s Best reads, G+M columnist Rob Carrick mentions a Maclean’s reports on the huge amount of money that is expected to be inherited by baby boomers from their parents. With debts and high lifestyle expectations, some boomers are getting antsy.

The Financial Post posted an article from Carol Hymowitz at Bloomberg news titled Still supporting your adult children? Your kids are ruining your retirement. She says more than a third of adult Millennials receive regular financial support from their parents, and 1 in 5 still live at home and don’t pay rent or expenses, according to a November 2014 survey by Bank of America Corp.

Women face gender gap in retirement planning, investing on Benefits Canada cites data from BlackRock’s Global Investor Pulse Survey revealing that women are having a harder time than men in balancing everyday expenses with saving for retirement and that lack of engagement in financial matters is translating into greater risk aversion—holding women back from realizing their retirement goals.\

Finally,Huffington Post blogger Claire N. Barnes shares insight gained on the one year anniversary of her retirement. She and her husband have gained strength as a couple but she says taking care of their health early in retirement has been critical. She also opted for a less stressful part-time job to be out with people and her husband has taken over as the primary homemaker.















  1. Thanks for the inclusion Sheryl! Have a great weekend :)

    • My pleasure.

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