Media scan: Week of November 10

mediascanpicThis week on I wrote Fired long-term employee gets $65,000 bridge to unreduced pension and  10 things I can’t live without. My article Looking for guaranteed retirement income? Think about an annuity was posted on Brighter Life and my blog  Retired Syd left work behind at age 44 appeared on

Jonathan Chevreau, author of Findependence Day who is well known to readers of the Natiomal Post and MoneySense has just launched the Financial Independence Hub. We look forward to bringing you lots of great content from that site it the coming weeks.

Here are some of the interesting articles I read this week:

Overview of CPP disability benefits: Are you eligible?
Tom Drake, Canadian Finance Blog

Keys to a successful life after work
Meagan Balaneski, Retire Happy

Gas rewards programs compared
Stephen Weyman, Million Dollar Journey

Retirement perspectives
Mark Seed, My Own Advisor

Are you frugal or cheap?
Kerry K. Taylor, Squawkfox

Try it: The Globe and Mail downsize your home worksheet
Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail

As dollar drops, Snowbird insurance rising: Mayers
Adam Mayers, Toronto Star

Here’s how one man got his TFSA balance up to more than $275,000
Garry Marr, National Post

Here’s why the CRA wants to know what’s going on in your bedroom
Garry Marr, National Post

Survey reveals financial literacy gap
Investment Executive Newsletter


  1. Thanks for the mention Sheryl! I enjoyed the article this week on SPP.
    Healthcare costs are going to go through the roof in the years to come.

    Have a good weekend,

    • My pleasure. I really enjoy interacting with other members of the PF blogging community. Check out Jon Chevreau’s new mega site Findependence Day Blog. I think its really going to do well.

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