Media scan: Week of November 24


This week I wrote Will you get to pick your own retirement date? and How to save money on home insurance and More Saskatchewan residents living pay cheque to pay cheque was posted on

Here are some interesting articles and blogs I read:

How Canadians Can Take Advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Tom Drake, Canadian Finance Blog

 Working in retirement is not a retirement plan
Jonathan Chevreau, MoneySense

Here’s Your Year-End Financial Checklist
Marie Engen, Boomer & Echo

A Simple Low Cost Diversified ETF Portfolio 2014
Frugal Trader, Million Dollar Journey

TFSA Retirement Welfare Bums
Alan Whitton, Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Thinking of downsizing to a condo or rental? Think again
Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail

Black Friday and the power of small numbers: Mayers
Adam Mayers, Toronto Star

How Canada’s auto loan bubble has become a ticking time bomb
Garry Marr/Barbara Shecter, National Post

Why I Will Never Invest in a Pre-Construction Condo Again
Lisa Colalillo, Huffington Post Canada

Wait Times Not Improving
Staff, Benefits Canada



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