Media scan: Week of October 20th


This week I wrote Plans to retire may limit award for wrongful dismissal and Targeted ads that saved me money. My article Ten things you need to do when your spouse dies was posted on Brighter Life and Loyalty programs: Which one is best? appeared on

My own encore career story was feaured on Sun Life’s FaceBook page as part of their #retireinspired series.

Here are some of the interesting blogs and articles I read:

Don’t box yourself in with ‘Freedom 55’ : Carrick

Why Canadians need to get more aggressive with their retirement savings

Globe and Mail

Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs) – Questionable Help On The Way?

My Own Advisor

What to do when the Markets Are Falling

Retire Happy

Overview of CPP Disability Benefits: Are You Eligible?

Canadian Finance Blog

Your retirement date will probably be a surprise

Brighter Life

How going vegan affected our budget

Canadian Budget Binder

The coming health benefits shock for retirees: Mayers

Toronto Star



  1. Thanks for the mention Sheryl. Nice to see the blog up and running. I look forward to sharing your articles and commenting here – all signed up to get your posts :)

    Have a great weekend,

    • My pleasure. Off to a good start and I’m really having fun. Love your blog. Good job.

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