Media Scan: Halloween Edition


This week on I wrote Free card pays the difference between brand name and generic drugs and Why using Aeroplan points didn’t add up. My answers to questions about how much life insurance I have are featured on Life Insurance – What The Experts Own, Life Insurance Canada News, my blog Living to 100: The four keys to longevity was posted on and When is group LTD insurance not enough? appeared on Brighter Life.

Here are some of the interesting blogs and articles I read this week. The first couple have a Halloween theme:

Haunted Houses and the Law: The Requirement of a Home Owner to Disclose Hauntings Prior to a Sale

Lerners: Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Five financial frights and what to do about them

Brighter Life

How to survive today’s volatile markets

My Own Advisor

Pape: What should you do when markets plunge?

Toronto Star

Buffalo’s Border Bargains…and Beyond!

Grey Routes and Tips

Borrowing To Invest: What The Experts Have To Say

Boomer & Echo

How much does electricity cost?

Million Dollar Journey

The formula for retirement success

Retire Happy

Mayers: In retirement, is dental insurance worth the bite?

Toronto Star

Retirement: Some struggle with leaving their jobs

USA Today

IRS Simplifies Reporting Requirements for Canadian Retirement Plans

Workdwide ERC: The Workforce Mobility Association


  1. Thanks for the mention Sheryl, have a great Halloween and weekend!


    • My pleasure! Another early riser I see….

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