Media Scan:Week of December 1


This week I wrote Financial Literacy: The 23 step program and Fired older employee may have reduced duty to mitigate. BOOK REVIEW: 397 ways to save money was posted on savewith

Here are some of the interesting blogs and articles I read:

Blonde on a Budget has posted her December 2014 Budget & Goals and she is ecstatic that as compared to last year her expenses are way down.

On Retire Happy, Wayne Rothe gives a useful tutorial for understanding both your government and workplace  pension plans.

The Frugal Trader on Million Dollar Journey looks at What iis the Best Credit Card for Aeroplan Members? but I’m still trying to figure out the best way to spend the points I already have.

Alan Whitton aka the Big Cajun Man says if Santa is giving you  a salary raise thiis month, here are 5 Ways to Optimally Use It.

Retired Syd on Retirement: A Full time Job just had a big birthday and in her opinion Fifty is the new 28. I guess that puts me in my mid-30s.

Brighter Life blogger Dave Dineen explains Why a net worth statement is worth it and how to create one.

In Insolvency filings: Boomers, older seniors showing signs of financial stress the Globe + Mail’s Rob Carrick discusses the sandwich generation supporting both adult children and elderly parents. Sound familiar?

Why one expert thinks Ontario’s pension plan is a bad idea by Adam Mayers  at the Toronto Star quotes Carleton University business school professor Ian Lee who says enriching public pensions helps those who don’t need it.

Marie Marley writes about her Surprising Transformation After Her Second Retirement in the Huffington Post. A book about caring for her husband who had Alzheimer’s led to speaking engagements and hundreds of articles.

And finally, Key to ‘rich’ qualifying for GIS is large TFSA – MoneySense by Jonathan Chevreau is ruffling a lot of feathers at the Department of Finance. I only have $47,000 in mine so I guess I don’t have to worry yet.

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