My New Years Fitness Resolution





I know it’s September and New Year’s resolutions are typically made on January 1. But the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashonna begins after sundown on September 24th. And fall has always seemed like the real beginning of the year with school starting and most people back at work after summer vacations.

So it occurred to me that a new year and a new blog are as good an excuse as any to get a little more serious about my pre-retirement fitness regime. After all, I want to stay as healthy as possible in order to enjoy the happy productive retirement we have been saving for.

Walking the dog is an important source of activity for me. In fact after our second Toller Rudy died, I insisted we get Rufus (a cockapoo who weighs in at barely 10 pounds soaking wet) right away to get me up off my chair at regular intervals. However, both Rufus and I don’t love rain, snow or ice so in bad weather, our walks become very perfunctory.

And unlike my super-jock younger sister who kite surfs, runs, bikes and climbed Kilimanjaro last year, I look on exercising as a necessary evil. Nevertheless, I started taking long, vigorous walks in my mid-forties and joined a gym about 10 years ago.

My husband and I try to go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday morning. But a committee he chairs, weekends out of town and sheer exhaustion mean we don’t make our quota every week. Also, as a result of knee and back issues over the last several years, I don’t push myself as hard as I used to.

I really don’t have an excuse for skipping one of my weekly workouts because the gym is just around the corner. I also have an elliptical trainer, a mat, an exercise ball and some small weights in my bedroom. Since my office is at home, I could theoretically work out before I start work or take a workout break during the day. The reality though is that I prefer to sit down at my desk by 8 AM and work through to at least 4 PM with only a short lunch break.

So as incentive to keep to the routine and find additional opportunities to get up and get moving, I plan to keep an exercise log and report back to readers of this blog once a month on how I’m doing. My goals are modest:

1. Workout 3x a week even if I have to fit a workout in during the day or on a non-gym day.

2. Convince myself and the dog that even terrible weather is no reason to abort a walk

3. Get up from my desk, stretch and run up and down stars a few times every hour.

So far so good. We got back from vacation Saturday September 8th and hit the gym Sunday and twice more in the next week.

This week I worked out at home Tuesday night because my husband had a meeting. And since I am limited to a liquid diet from midnight tonight until Monday morning when I’m scheduled for a routine medical test, we moved our workout back from Sunday to Saturday.

Stay tuned. I’ll report on my progress again in late October. Who knows, once the holidays are over, as an added bonus I may even lose a few pounds!



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