My Road to Findependence: Guest Blog by Sheryl Smolkin


This week I wrote a guest blog on

Almost 10 years ago, at age 54, I took early retirement from my job as a pension lawyer and Canadian research director of an international benefits consulting company. I locked the door of my downtown office for the last time on a Friday; on the following Monday I started my new career as editor-in-chief of an industry magazine.

My new job paid only about one third of what I earned before, but I left with a defined benefit pension (albeit reduced by about 30%) and retiree health benefits so I was prepared to take the risk in order to try something new.

With the benefit of hindsight, I can say it was a totally audacious move. I knew how to write peer-reviewed, factual client publications but didn’t have a clue about the economics of running a trade magazine or how to turn a bunch of disparate articles into a cohesive product.

Hard work but fun, and I learned fast

But boy, did I learn fast. I never worked so hard in my life and never had so much fun.


My Road to Findependence: Guest Blog by Sheryl Smolkin


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