This firm’s perks include gym, laundry

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Employees of Toronto’s Cundari Advertising not only have an in-house house gym, but a company-supplied washer and dryer to freshen up their gym clothes before the next workout.

The gym and laundry facilities are not the only unusual perks available to the company’s 140 Toronto and Montreal employees. In addition to a robust benefits package, an employee-run committee has a hefty budget to plan year-long events, including employee recognition awards and a summer barbecue.

Cundari is an integrated advertising firm serving such high-profile clients as BMW, CIBC, Telus and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Its other perks include boot camp, sports teams and a bike repair clinic for staff and interested clients. Company staff work a half day on Fridays before long weekends and a chiropractor comes to the office twice a week by appointment.

Companies typically offer benefits to attract and retain the top employees they need to be competitive in their industry. CEO Aldo Cundari says the perks make his employees more productive and help ensure his highly creative team members are less susceptible to recruiters. He says his annual turnover has been less than half of the industry rate, even in a recession.

The washer and dryer are part of the package. “It’s the best $1,200 I ever spent,” he says of the laundry machines. With many of his employees working long hours at odd times, it is a convenient way for them to get a chore done while doing their work.

Cundari’s Montreal employees travel to Toronto at company expense for the annual December holiday party and cab chits are available to all. Last year, the firm celebrated Hallowe’en with teams competing in a pumpkin carving contest; on Valentine’s Day there were “candygrams.”

Employees also pay to participate in seasonal activities and the money raised goes to designated charities.

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