When you know medical marijuana is mainstream

Marijuana medical choice dilemma health care concept as a person standing in front of two paths with one offering traditional medicine and the other option with cannabis.

I’ve read lots of articles about medical marijuana lately, including the series of articles referred to below (some may require a login). But I knew for sure that medical marijuana has become mainstream when I got an email blast from CARP Promotions called “Medical cannabis – when conventional medicine isn’t enough.”

The sponsor is Cannimed Ltd., a self-styled leading supplier of medical cannabis. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t smoked a joint yet, but if my severe spinal stenosis kicks up its heels again, I’d certainly be willing to sample a pot brownie or three if it helps to control the pain.

But somehow, I never expected that one of the benefits of belonging to the national lobby group CARP would be a $50 credit  upon registration as a new Cannimed patient and 5% off their lowest price on all the medical cannibis products they have on offer.

So it seems that growing older may have its perqs after all. Now if the ODB and my retiree medical insurance coverage with Green Shield would only pick up the rest of the tab!


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