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Benefits of sending car to genuine service center

It is one of those things that some, not all, car owners end up learning the hard way. However, those who know the importance of original equipment and service don’t fall in the trap and try to give what the car originally deserves. We are discussing Mercedes service center in Abu Dhabi and that’s something you should give ample time too. After all, there are several different car care service centers operating in Abu Dhabi these days and most of these are truly great in providing the service. But, being good doesn’t mean original, and licensed. Wait – why is it so important so send your car to the certified service center only when so many better service centers are available in town? The key here is certification which means that the service center has been authorized by the car manufacturer to provide service.

Cutting edge methods

To cut the long story short, your certified car service center knows what it takes to service the car. In doing so, they’ll make sure that the car is properly cared for and every nut and bolt is checked before it is declared as serviced. This will take time so be patient and have it done properly. Don’t haste things up and if possible, leave the car at the service center for a day or two. This will give the mechanics and technicians enough time to explore the car properly. That said, it is also important to note that all aspects of the car be checked for which they’ll run diagnostics. The car will be connected to the diagnostic computer that will bring the complete status of the car. Essentially, a computer operator will see all aspects of the car on the monitor and know what was wrong with it. That’s cutting edge technology that you will only get at a certified service center.

Quality parts

Authorized service centers always use parts supplied by the car maker itself. In other words, you can say that no third party parts make it to the car unless specified by the maker. German cars usually last longer when certified parts are used which is something your service center knows. With that in mind, the car will be equipped with original parts only that are certified/ produced by the company. Suffice to say that these will make your car run longer than usual and the maintenance cycle continues. Make sure to send the car to the best garage in Abu Dhabi.