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Marriage is the most beautiful and the most memorable day of someone’s life. It is the beginning of a new life and new living. Therefore, this day is celebrated with great joy and zeal. The couple invites their friends and family to share their joy and happiness. However, it is not only a day. It is an event. It Is organized by loved one and couple with euphoria.

There are many ways to organize it. You can organize it at any restaurant or hotel in which the staff would do everything for you. They will make it fat and lovely wedding but at the same time it will need a lot of money. 

The second way is to organize at home or in lawn. It would not cost you a lot of money. You would need to spend it on rental furniture companies to get chairs and long tables from them for few hours. You can arrange them in rows and columns in a stylish manner by giving space between each of them. Regarding tables, it is better to set them in corner to keep food and beverages. 

The third way is to select any park and keep chairs and tables in it while decorating small spaces with vases and beautiful lights to make the day special. In this way you can get public as well as larger space to celebrate. 

For second and third way, you do not need to have so much money, all you need is to have contact number of rental companies and friends who know photography. 

Photography is the craziest and the most awaited part of every event. Ask any of your friends who has DSLR to be the photographer of you wedding day and make this day more special, more loving and memorable.

To learn to arrange furniture and seats, you can use net too. There are different websites which has small guidance on interior decoration. Go to those sites and tab on click for more info to read whole articles and learn to arrange.    

So, these are basic ways to organize a marriage ceremony. Marriage day or ceremony is not celebrated to show off and to brag about royalties. It is celebrated to share or happiness with our loved to make this sweeter and delightful. Therefore, do not go towards bragging. Simple arrangements are lovely. Go for them and have some lightness and more enjoyment.