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There are many dentists out of which Filipino dentist in Dubai is the one who give you advice that there are lots of procedures which one can use to brighten your teeth but you have to spend a lot of money sum for that. People are mostly unable to help themselves with their dental condition and spend big amount because nobody wants stained teeth and bad breath. Teeth’s yellowing is a part of growing but it doesn’t mean that aging is the only reason of teeth staining. There will be many causes of tooth discoloration and staining like smoking, high dosage of black coffee and colored food. But there are also many ways to reduce and eliminate this condition to an extent. To know about these ways you can see this here:

You should take many different seasonal fruits and vegetables in bulk quantities regularly and it will help in removing stains. Due to their coarse surfaces they act like a brush on your teeth.

Oil pulling is another one of the cheapest and most advantageous method which has lots of oral and overal body health advantages.

Baking soda is a very low-priced remedy which every one can use to get benefited. You can either take it with your habitual tooth paste or with lemon. It will provide wonders because it acts like a bleaching mediator but be careful about the quantity taken. It should be used in small quantity and for one or two times a week only because excessive use of baking soda may damage your teeth badly.

Apple cider vinegar is another item recognized as a great remedy world widely to remove discoloration and for whiter teeth. But another reminder is to always take a small quantity of apple cider vinegar.

Never ignore the advice of brushing twice a day if you want healthy and whiter teeth with a beautiful smile. Only few people act upon this advice and saved their teeth from damage while all the others who ignored will get yellow teeth and also early tooth decay. Twice a day brushing is very important for dental health. It is also important to know that you should brush for a good eight minutes in order to wipe out all the stain causing bacteria and food particles from your mouth.