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You know that a trip to Dubai, regardless of what plans you had in mind, is always fun. From the time you land at the airport till you reach the hotel room, you have already seen many things that had grabbed your interest. Simply put, your trip to Dubai is likely to provide you with fun moments. As soon as the trip begins, tourists begin to explore options. These include some of the most happening places and events in Dubai. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking the hot air balloons Dubai to start your trip. Dubai has many fun activities to offer so it is up to you to decide which activity to go for once you are done with the safari. Possibly, you will find many activities and trips that may catch your interest. How about heading to the seashore or take a dhow cruise? An excellent idea, but do you know how to get to a dhow cruise? Even if you don’t, there are chances that you will get information from someone.

Dhow trip

Unlike what is commonly believed, Dubai has a lot of history around it. The creek was once used by local fishermen for over two millennia and was famous for the pearls that are commonly found in these waters to this day. It is one of a kind place that has seen the city of Dubai taking a modern avatar. The place merges past with present and tourists can see, and smell the local spices that come from the famous spice souk nearby. Then, there is the famous Gold souk that will grab your attention anyway.

Cruise and dinner

Now that you have feasted your eyes with the historic and attractive creek region, it is time that you start to plan the cruise trip. A quick look around will let you check and opt one from different cruise packages available. The dhow is as unique as the dinner that is offered here. A dhow is basically a wooden ship that looks vintage, but is outfitted with modern technology. The moment you land in the cruiser; you will begin to feel the excitement. During the trip, you will be served the famous dhow cruise dinner. Try it and you will surely enjoy the trip to the fullest. Much like other amazing things, your overnight safari in Dubai, as well as dhow cruise trip, will also add memories to your trip.