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Birthday is one of those days that occur every year on the same date informing people about another year that they survived and one that is about to come. One would say that there isn’t a reason celebrating birthdays because it occurs every year and is just a reminder of how old you have become but little do these people know the importance of celebrating birthdays listed down here.

  • Remembering the purpose of your existence

Consider birthday as anniversary of an organization. An organization is built to fulfil its purpose and every year when it successfully achieves it they put up slogans informing people of the number of years they have been serving. Just like that, you existence matters and you were brought into the world for fulfilment of a purpose. Every year when you celebrate your birthday it would remind you of the work that you have yet to do and celebrate the purpose which you have already served. It’s more about appreciating the gift of life that you have been gifted without even asking for.

  • Thanking and appreciating

Every year when your friends order cake from online cake shop in Dubai and surprise you right at midnight just think how your life would have been had these nosy friends not been there. Birthday is about thanking people around you and the loved ones, who make your life a little less miserable, get you through hard times, have been there from the start and will be there till the end. It’s about learning the value of relations and appreciating their efforts to make you happy and feel loved year by year without getting tired or complaining. Celebrate birthdays not only to have kids birthday cake Dubai but to thank the ones who brought it in.

  • Bonding with the ones whom you have forgot

Isn’t it just lovely how facebook shares a reminder of your birthday to everyone in your friend list and people from across the world that entered in your life and disappeared from it, congratulate you. Your birthday is a chance to re-establish the bond that you once had with them and it is an excuse for you to meet them once again and re-live the memories that you made together. Ask these well wishers from facebook to join you in your birthday party and connect once again.